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Who Are We?

Welcome to Brodies Coffee Cabin, arguably Cardiffs smallest (and cutest) speciality coffee shop! Situated in stunning Gorsedd Gardens directly in front of the National Museum of Wales, the cabin itself is a Grade 2 listed building that was originally built as a park keepers hut in the 1930’s. We got our hands on the building in 2016 and gave it a lot of love (and a lot of paint..) and the rest is history!

We serve locally roasted coffee in fully compostable takeaway cups along with cakes, baguettes and ice cream, all made by small independents like ourselves. In our humble opinion there are few greater pleasures than sitting and watching the world go by with a flat white in one hand and a melt in the mouth chocolate brownie in the other.

Check us Out

We’re very privileged to be featured in the latest edition of the Indy coffee guide for The South West and Wales

Our Coffee

We use local roaster Coaltown for our beans, their Black Gold signature espresso beans are a blend of beans from Brazil, Columbia and El Salvador. We favour these guys not just because they’re local but the flavour of the coffee is just right for us, it is a medium roast so you can really taste the natural flavours of the beans, it’s chocolatey and citrusy without any of the bitterness that comes with the darker roasts.

We use Welsh whole milk as standard for all of our coffees as we find the natural sweetness of well steamed whole milk combined with our naturally sweet espresso means you don’t have to reach for the sugar to make it palatable. However we also offer skimmed milk for those that find whole milk a little much or soy for those that don’t drink milk full stop!

We offer a range of syrups for our coffees, imagine the sugary hit that you get from one of the chain shops except with a fantastic espresso and milk steamed perfectly every time, you’ll be amazed at the difference!

At the heart of what we do is a real love for coffee and the craft of making it, bringing high quality coffee to areas of the market traditionally dominated by polystyrene cups of instant is something we’re proud to do and hope to do for many years to come!

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Gorsedd Gardens, Cardiff CF10 3NP

Phone: 07414 963591

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